The Labelling of Children as XYZ Religion, abuse?

Why is it acceptable to label a child with its parents religion?

Jews, muslims, catholics, protestants etc..  Can you for one second imagine the idea of labeling a small child a marxist, leninist, labor, liberal, democratic, republican?  I should hope NOT!

For this purpose I shall loosely define a child as being less than voting age in whatever country they in, I do this because if we are not yet going to think that they have the mental capacity and decision making processes in place to be able to make what we call responsible political decisions then why on earth should we be under the misapprehension that they have they capacity to make religious, cosmological and moral choices!

It seems to me that if we had leninist or marxist schools opening around the place we would hit the roof, so why then do we permit these sectarian schools to operate when so far as I can see all the accomplish is to highlight and magnify the differences between us all and historically we know where this ends – bitter and bloody wars!




The power of ‘your’ God?

Do you not think that an all-seeing, all-knowing and all-present being that created and will close the book on you and judge your sins really needs you to enforce his arbitrary rules?

Just because one religious view point or one persons interpretation of a supposed sacred handbook differs ought you really think that if ‘your’ God exists you have the right to kill another over ‘your’ interpretation?

I say no, FUCK NO!