The Labelling of Children as XYZ Religion, abuse?

Why is it acceptable to label a child with its parents religion?

Jews, muslims, catholics, protestants etc..  Can you for one second imagine the idea of labeling a small child a marxist, leninist, labor, liberal, democratic, republican?  I should hope NOT!

For this purpose I shall loosely define a child as being less than voting age in whatever country they in, I do this because if we are not yet going to think that they have the mental capacity and decision making processes in place to be able to make what we call responsible political decisions then why on earth should we be under the misapprehension that they have they capacity to make religious, cosmological and moral choices!

It seems to me that if we had leninist or marxist schools opening around the place we would hit the roof, so why then do we permit these sectarian schools to operate when so far as I can see all the accomplish is to highlight and magnify the differences between us all and historically we know where this ends – bitter and bloody wars!



Atheists have higher IQs and self esteem than religious people…

a recent study shows… Atheists tend to have a higher IQ and fewer self esteem issues..

Psychologists from the University of Rochester define intelligence as ‘ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience’. They go on to define religion as some sort of involvement in part or all of the aspects of a belief process.

A meta-analysis of 63 studies showed a significant negative association between intelligence and religiosity. The association was stronger for college students and the general population than for participants younger than college age; it was also stronger for religious beliefs than religious behavior. 53 from the 63 studies displayed a ‘reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity’, in 10 of the 63 studies that relationship positive.

Three possible interpretations were discussed.

First, intelligent people are less likely to conform and, thus, are more likely to resist religious dogma.

Second, intelligent people tend to adopt an analytic (as opposed to intuitive) thinking style, which has been shown to undermine religious beliefs.

Third, several functions of religiosity, including compensatory control, self-regulation, self-enhancement, and secure attachment, are also conferred by intelligence.

Intelligent people may therefore have less need for religious beliefs and practices.

In their conclusions, they said: ‘Most extant explanations (of a negative relation) share one central theme – the premise that religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and, therefore, unappealing to intelligent people who ‘know better’. ‘Intelligent people typically spend more time in school – a form of self-regulation that may yield long-term benefits. ‘More intelligent people getting higher level jobs and better employment and higher salary may lead to higher self-esteem, and encourage personal control beliefs.’

Who knew…



The Disciples of the C-Section (The Disciples of the New Dawn)

Well, this is an absolute joke..

Mums the world over have been outraged by this pack of religious muppets after claiming ‘that having a c-section is not really giving birth’.. Referring to women who make this choice as ‘lazy’ and ‘negligent’..

The clue here should be that their Facebook page has ‘v2.0’ stuck to the end, I really wanna know how much they fucked up v1.0 that they needed a v2.0 lol

This is clearly a matter of choice, all of my three children were born the so called ‘natural’ way, but had there been a medical reason or had my partner at the time chosen to have a caeser section I would be fine with that..

This groups views on medically advised c-section seem unclear.. Though not a suprise, as most of their ideas seem ill-formed..

Welcome to the world of choice, we can choose almost anything now, deal with it..

Another reason for me to add to my motives for being anti-theist I guess, I’ll probably have to squeeze it in somewhere between pedophilia and female subjugation I suppose 😉

More Info @ Daily Mail

Father Patrick Embry, you sir are a Muppet!



Homophobia, still?

Homophobia impacts upon us all, all of us – not just the LGBTI community, it diminishes our humanity and it is everywhere, wake up!

So I woke this morning to a received video on a private message via Facebook, the content of which was several supposed homosexual males being hung in what the video reported to be Israel. This video came with a comment from the sender “faggots, not just for burning, haha”..

This person is westernized and educated, which bothers the fuck out of me. Obviously an argument ensued and apart from it resulting in my being blocked and ‘unfriended’ (shudders) it has provoked my reading some news and articles from the last year or so on homophobia in order to argue more functionally with him, part of this is what I intend to share today..

There are two terms in-particular that I came across and feel people should be aware of, ‘corrective rape’ and ‘reparative therapy’.

Corrective rape is simply one of the most horrific phrases I have heard in recent times, it centers around the idea that it ought be possible to retrain a lesbian to be straight by forcedly exposing her to heterosexual acts, essentially raping her straight.. This would be almost laughable if it were not actually going on, it begs the question what skewed morality, what kind of barbaric mind dreams these sorts ideas into existence?

Reparative therapy or conversion therapy is the psuedoscientific process by which a person can ‘pray the gay away’, the intended aim to change sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, usually (it seems) to make ones religious parents or friends happy. It appears to do nothing short of make the person who receives the treatment do nothing less than guilt-bury their desires, causing so many issues for the ‘patient’ as they are called.. My gut tells me this can teach naught but how to lie effectively and ruin ones own sense of self..

Just take into account that homosexuality was stricken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973, so why is it permitted to be treated as a disorder in 2015?

I’m not going to go any further into this yet, these are simply happenings I think the general populous ought be cognizant of.

For further information please see the following:


It takes more than one person to tango, and by tango I mean to crash a plane into a mountain…

SHOCK REVELATION: The Germanwings copilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and “deliberately” crashed the plane into the French Alps:


What a cunt?

Taken off duty for depression related illness for nine months, returned to duty with clean bill of health.. People just say oh, he was sad, but had a good job and friends, what a cunt…

What happened sucks, but lets remember more than one person flew that plane into a mountain okay..

Mental Illness is a serious and potent thing..  That people should be paying attention to it ought be what people take from this…

If indeed recent reports that his ex-girlfriend knew about any of it and failed to report it are true, she ought be charged for being party to it…