Atheist Stephen Fry reply when asked what what he would say if he met God..

Stephen Fry stuns Gay Byrne in an Epic reply when asked what what he would say if he met God on RTE’s ‘The Meaning Of Life’…




15 thoughts on “Atheist Stephen Fry reply when asked what what he would say if he met God..

  1. Speaking as someone who would like to believe in an afterlife (lost my dad 10yrs ago, would like to see him again) I agree with Stephen Fry, but maybe (and suspend belief and believe for a second).
    Maybe “God” isn’t in charge any more, maybe all the bad things made possible by human choice and free will somehow diminished his control and the Red man from downstairs has taken over, it would go some ways to explaining things (well theologically anyway).

    Just a thought lol

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    1. Thanks so much for &#8in0;delurk22g”! I really appreciate your reading, and am very happy if this post could’ve provided any insight for you. I don’t know 100% if my self diagnosis is correct, but it’s something to go on.


  2. I just want to humbly submit, had it been for the so called ‘logic’ and ‘rationality’ we would have been far back in history w.r.t the so called scientific advancement and all the knowledge about universe. I cannot defend the concept of ‘God’ as in western world (not because I do not agree but coz I might not have all the understanding as of now), but I surely can say that ‘logic’ and ‘rationality’ cannot replace ‘creativity and ‘imagination’.

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