Astrology… Sagan… Enough said….

At least one would think ‘enough said’. apparently not.

Astrology and all the other pseudo-sciences annoy me..

I cannot comprehend continued belief in this tom-foolery!

I would try and say something eloquently deep and convincing on the topic, but to pretend anyone can do that better than Sagan is absurd.



27 thoughts on “Astrology… Sagan… Enough said….

  1. Reblogged this on My Omer of Manna and commented:
    Are there parallels to the persistence of Astrology and Christianity in society today? One might think that Faith in both, in direct conflict with actual Historical and Scientific Evidence, plays a large portion. -mike

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  2. Astronomy is the study of material cosmological objects. Astrology is a mental construct based on said materiality begun thousands of years ago and that still has significant cultural impact and entanglement. They are compatible. Ignore either, and you miss out on something significant. I say that as someone who only pays a little attention to astrology. It is for the mind, though, and should not overly influence one’s actions with observable reality. It’s like a fantasy game running in the background that you can log into and take something away from. Don’t insist that everyone play the game, though. They might not want to.


      1. No argument. I think it’s kind of like a placebo. Just a mental effect, but still a significant one. I have friends who are into astrology. I don’t begrudge them their serious interest. Myself, I just like to “dip into” that way of thinking from time to time.

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      1. That is not valid support for your idea. I do not like censoring on here, but if you intend to drop a link and run I will simply delete this.


  3. Not going to lie I have an Astrology app on my phone even though I know it is very highly unlikely that Astrology is real. Honestly, I read my horoscope daily because the app I use usually has a positive spin and is more advice oriented. So even though I doubt Astrology can predict what my day is going to be like 356 times a year, I use it as a little pick me up to start my day.


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