20 thoughts on “Straight mens Girlfriends are now safe, in the USA..

  1. To paraphrase Bill Hicks’ views on gays in the military – if anyone’s stupid enough to want to get married, they should be allowed to. I also don’t see why polygamy is illegal.

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    1. I agree, personally for me I can’t see that I’ll ever get married, it is much more about ‘everyone’ being able to do what they want, whatever, in regard to whom they love.

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    2. Calleee se te extraรƒยฑo mucho!! mucha mierda va a estar todo bienu!B!en programa el de hoy como todos los dias.. besooosSe los quiere.. es increible lo q una radio puede producir en miles de personas


  2. I love this use of satire to highlight a point. I’m really encouraged by the recent decision in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage in all states. There is such progress in this field but I feel that lesbians are being left behind. It is so trendy almost to be the perfect gay male but what is the perfect lesbian? Where is their sweet spot in our culture?


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  3. Oh my goodness. That was awesome. I am chilling on my sofa with a coffee and catching up on blogs. That video should come with a warning to “Put down anything liquid you might be holding”. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you for finding and sharing that!


  4. Ugh, talk about a lose-lose che!iocBoth are pretty painful, but the experience is probably worse. I definitely suffer from FOMO and I’m a big believer in the value of experiences (ESPECIALLY travel) that go beyond the monetary cost.


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