The Disciples of the C-Section (The Disciples of the New Dawn)

Well, this is an absolute joke..

Mums the world over have been outraged by this pack of religious muppets after claiming ‘that having a c-section is not really giving birth’.. Referring to women who make this choice as ‘lazy’ and ‘negligent’..

The clue here should be that their Facebook page has ‘v2.0’ stuck to the end, I really wanna know how much they fucked up v1.0 that they needed a v2.0 lol

This is clearly a matter of choice, all of my three children were born the so called ‘natural’ way, but had there been a medical reason or had my partner at the time chosen to have a caeser section I would be fine with that..

This groups views on medically advised c-section seem unclear.. Though not a suprise, as most of their ideas seem ill-formed..

Welcome to the world of choice, we can choose almost anything now, deal with it..

Another reason for me to add to my motives for being anti-theist I guess, I’ll probably have to squeeze it in somewhere between pedophilia and female subjugation I suppose πŸ˜‰

More Info @ Daily Mail

Father Patrick Embry, you sir are a Muppet!




16 thoughts on “The Disciples of the C-Section (The Disciples of the New Dawn)

  1. Can I just say that as a man and therefore unlikely to ever become pregnant I feel that women should be allowed to do anything they feel comfortable with in regards to pregnancy. How many of us, please be honest, would deny the right of a man today to have a say in the pregnancy and birth with a woman he loves? Why then should we treat women with anything other than the same consideration? If the medical world can make surgery safer (C-Section is surgery) then why deny the choice of having this surgery? I believe in the rights of the individual to make informed choices as to what’s right for them. This is all I want to say!

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  2. Fun studies have shows that the stress and chaos that is a “natural” (if the child survives is it not natural?) birth jump starts the immune system and has shows statistically to strengthen such portions of our biology. The situation here, for me, is ignorance and in a sense putting the self and pain above the potential probabilistic future of the child.

    I would hope that couples (a decision like this should be made in discussion and hopefully a responsible dual party that planned on a pregnancy) that make this decision are doing it out of ignorance to the potential benefits not personal comfort and of course are taking the medical advice of the doctor over political/evangelist/pundits.

    Just food for thought.

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  3. Hi… you’ve been like buttoning me around the blog-o-sphere so thanks for the support.

    The C-Section “should” only be used if the mother can’t give birth in the traditional way and the medical evidence is that when the baby passes thru the birthing canal, it receives actual immune system building blocks that are not received in C-section. Also the body trauma of being cut in a C-section can actually be more detrimental to the mother than not.

    However, to your larger point, I agree… a woman is not “lazy” for choosing one and she should indeed have the privacy of choice to make her own medical decisions for her wellbeing, peace and health for her. And hopefully her children! πŸ™‚

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  4. I like the term “religious muppets” which clearly indicates they can’t be taken seriously as they are … muppets. I do wonder where the bible mentions c-section. How can they talk about ‘natural’ when Maria was not even impregnated in a ‘natural’ way? Ponder, ponder from here to yonder. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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  5. I had both my girls via Caesarian section(s)- not by choice. In fact my water broke with my first daughter “naturally” but she also was “naturally” coming out feet first!!! 😳 I felt labor pains and the things women who have “natural” births say they feel- and my daughter’s feet were actually starting to come out- a huge nightmare- but i made it and had an emergency c-section- and I wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact I feel blessed that my daughter was ok and the chord did not prolapse in the first place. I breast fed her for months and she is a happy and healthy child all the same. My second daughter born last May had to be delivered c-section as well because she too was breeched. I later discovered that the way I am shaped has something to do with why I can never deliver “naturally.” Though there is nothing wrong with c-sections- they do carry more risks- and they only recommend 2 in your lifetime. So I reached my max and during my last c-section last May I got my tubes tied. Not a regret. I just get annoyed when people ask me “well don’t you want to try for a boy?” Ugh- πŸ˜’ NO!!! Sometimes I feel like saying “yeah I have God on my speed dial- let me send him that memo right away because that’s such a crisis!” πŸ˜‚

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