Homophobia, still?

Homophobia impacts upon us all, all of us – not just the LGBTI community, it diminishes our humanity and it is everywhere, wake up!

So I woke this morning to a received video on a private message via Facebook, the content of which was several supposed homosexual males being hung in what the video reported to be Israel. This video came with a comment from the sender “faggots, not just for burning, haha”..

This person is westernized and educated, which bothers the fuck out of me. Obviously an argument ensued and apart from it resulting in my being blocked and ‘unfriended’ (shudders) it has provoked my reading some news and articles from the last year or so on homophobia in order to argue more functionally with him, part of this is what I intend to share today..

There are two terms in-particular that I came across and feel people should be aware of, ‘corrective rape’ and ‘reparative therapy’.

Corrective rape is simply one of the most horrific phrases I have heard in recent times, it centers around the idea that it ought be possible to retrain a lesbian to be straight by forcedly exposing her to heterosexual acts, essentially raping her straight.. This would be almost laughable if it were not actually going on, it begs the question what skewed morality, what kind of barbaric mind dreams these sorts ideas into existence?

Reparative therapy or conversion therapy is the psuedoscientific process by which a person can ‘pray the gay away’, the intended aim to change sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, usually (it seems) to make ones religious parents or friends happy. It appears to do nothing short of make the person who receives the treatment do nothing less than guilt-bury their desires, causing so many issues for the ‘patient’ as they are called.. My gut tells me this can teach naught but how to lie effectively and ruin ones own sense of self..

Just take into account that homosexuality was stricken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973, so why is it permitted to be treated as a disorder in 2015?

I’m not going to go any further into this yet, these are simply happenings I think the general populous ought be cognizant of.

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71 thoughts on “Homophobia, still?

  1. Reblogged this on honestkane and commented:
    Love the honesty and passion here. It’s nice to see that, within the first half hour of my being on this site, there are people who will speak out about what’s right. It actually shouldn’t have to be ‘right’. It should just ‘be’ and that’s it, but for the time being, we need people like you to speak out.
    Thank you,

    Kane x

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  2. It’s disgusting and disgraceful. Our world is pretty awful and evil , and these ideas of “correcting” being gay are ridiculous. I can sure you ‘corrective rape’ would not encourage me in any way to be attracted to males.
    It breaks my heart

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  3. I seen this episode of the Tyra show where gay man were actually going to therapy to try and be straight because they hated being gay! That was the first I had heard of this type of thing. All they wanted was to have a ‘normal’ family with a wife and children. It was mind blowing to me. About the rape bit though, I think raping a straight girl could turn her lesbian just for the simple fact that she would have to face men anymore, but raping a lesbian to make her more attracted to men? The men that are her abusers? Like what?? Stupidity. This world is actually crazy. Being gay or lesbian is not mistake, it’s not even a choice, nothing is broken and therefore nothing to be corrected. However, the gay men I mentioned earlier might beg to differ. Anyway, this is a huge topic, I could talk forever it feels like but it would be ramble. Good article!

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  4. The awfulness of someone sending you such a violent video…I’m so sorry that happened to you. Homophobia is alive and well where I live (MN), though it’s getting a bit better over time. There’s not much physical violence against homosexuals here, but say if two men were to hold hands in public, they would definitely have verbal abuse hurled at them. Totally unacceptable. Glad you’re blogging about these important topics.

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      1. Yes, I’m in Minnesota, which is smack in the middle of the US and up by the canadian border. Homosexuals are tolerated as long as they never show any signs in public, which in my mind still shows way too much intolerance. MN has not yet legalized gay marriage, and if they do, I hope acceptance will go up as well.

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      2. It depends here as well. There are always areas that are more tolerant, and areas that are less so. It’s unfortunate that anyone has to worry that holding hands or a loving kiss would cause drama or pain depending on the location. We have a rather large group of friends that love to go out together, and it breaks my heart to know that some of my friends can’t engage in the silliness of being a couple in public-again dependent on where we are. However, our group is large enough that if a “lapse” should occur, no one has been stupid enough to say anything awful. Just sad that it has to be that way.

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  5. I’m still reelng from the idea of “corrective rape”. What kind of twisted, hateful.. actually, I can envision exactly the kind of person that would come up with something like that. (Deep breath) Apart from the disgusting nature of the idea itself, wouldn’t it backfire? If i associated heterosexual sex with rape, I wouldn’t want to do it again.

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  6. For some reason, people aren’t tolerant of others. Is it because they’re different, whether it be religion, ideals, or sexual orientation? I don’t know. I usually blame religious extremists for the most part, including Islamic and Christian extremists (Take note of the crusades, witch burnings, the Nazis, etc) and traditional values. I only hope as time passes by, the world will realize that being unique is living life to it’s fullest, and that being normal is not living life at all.

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  7. Horrifying. The act of dreaming up such horrendous shit because of your “beliefs” is bad enough, but to actually believe that putting such a plan in action is beyond stupefying. It’s like history keeps repeating itself, and somehow people haven’t learned from the past and still fall for it. It’s rather reminiscent of the atrocities performed on women for “hysteria” not that long ago. Sure, make them “better” or “cure” them via their genitals. Makes TOTAL sense.

    How can anyone not see through this malarkey? Anyone that panders to torturing a whole sect of human beings- regardless of the reasoning- is the one that is depraved. Then for others to follow suit? Beyond stupid. I don’t even have words for how angry that makes me.

    Love is love people. As long as they are consenting adults, what the hell is the problem? (OH and for the love of Zeus don’t start with that whole first their own gender, then kids, then animals shit. Anyone that utters that idiocy is fantasizing about banging their cat/dog/sheep/cow and that is why they believe anyone else would do so. Stick that in your hat and eat it!)

    Sorry, rant over. Great conversation starting article.

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  8. Corrective therapy: Realigning attitutes of righteousness to allow concepts of ‘otherness’ the space to exist in a more accepting universe of diversity.

    Realignment Therapy: Looking reflectively into a black/white, or simplistic good/evil dichotomy and recognising the plethora of alternatives available. Realigning our beliefs with a higher consciousness accepting alternate reality as plausable and rejecting dogma.
    What do you think? I’m tired of constrained colonising ideology of any kind and tired of nation states defining any dogma for life.

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  9. Tall, straight, white men still rule and their fucked up views of sex baffle me (I’m a straight woman and it’s suprising there are any of us left considering most straight men’s views on sex (and their performance!))

    Keep shouting out loud and maybe one day other voices will also be heard. Good post.

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    1. Not anti-semetic, not Israeli either.. The video claimed to to be, but I think most likely it was Iranian, but I’m not going to watch it again to verify that…


  10. It is horrific and I feel that the perpetrators get a ‘pass’ because they can also claim to be of an oppressed group. Human Rights seems to have become a trading-card game where one abuse trumps another. An individual’s belief about himself or others cannot be something that he/she can subject an individual to. No culture, religion of societal practice should be used to erode that. This is a Humans Rights issue and should be fought for as such.

    These nutjobs are quite willing to rely on discarded psychiatric theories to make a false scientific argument for their beliefs but they would do well do some modern reading in the discipline. The people who need mental health intervention are those who need to inflict rape, in order to make the world resemble the one they have created in their heads.

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  11. Wow, the raping to be straight thing is sad/scary. And I’ve read into the whole “repairative therapy” thing for gays too and that really hurts people too, just in a different way.

    Now this may sound really strange to you and keep in mind I am in no way homophobic. However, I am attracted to guys but I don’t identify as gay and probably never will. The reason being is, I believe that it is wrong and not healthy due to circumstances that have occurred in my life. But, I do not condemn anyone who is gay or anything, that’s not my place to do so.

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  12. I know a guy with only one leg, maybe we could pray for a new leg to grow back on. If violent computer games teaches our kids to be violent, then why do we still let them read the bible? Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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  13. Reblogged this on barclaydave and commented:
    Rape is never justified no matter what label is given. Corrective rape is not justified or right. People are unique and should be accepted for this regardless of sexual orientation, sexual preference, skin colour or anything else which makes them unique.

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  14. Lol I think we’re going to be like the old white men from segregation talking about”nigger this Nigger that” except we are going to be saying “faggot this faggot that”. Our grand kids are going to play with gay kids and it’s going to disgust most of us, who never evolved past this immature petty prejudice

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  15. I don’t like the word homophobic. I don’t think most people are afraid of homosexuality, I think most people who are not gay just don’t understand it. I’ve seen two boys, no three, where their female relatives, including their mother, made fun of their father, then teased the boys into playing with dolls and being feminine, until the boy found they got more attention that was good attention by being girlish instead of boyish. They are gay now. I and many other have suffered environmental hormone disorders that have made us very feminine. I’m not gay, but some of them are. I get asked once in a while if I am gay. It does bother me, but I can’t do anything about it. I even once got attacked on a road one night, with a friend of mine, while walking, because the people driving by wanted to fight someone, and were drunk, and when they heard my voice, they called me gay and began hitting us. We beat them off, but it was a very strange night. We actually hid in the field nearby when they came back from their house looking for us before we could get home, I truly believe they had a gun and was going to kill us. I’ve seen girls grow up whose father’s wanted a son so bad, that the daughter became very masculine to appease him. And sadly, it worked. I’ve seen two fathers treat their daughters better when they acted like boy instead of girls. It is really sad that these men and women are treated so badly by society. But even atheists will attack Christians like me who never say anything mean to them or try to force our beliefs onto them. Because some of my fellow Christians do, I get attacked as well. Racism is the same way. I’m white, but I’ve been attacked by black people who were racist, many times. It sucks, but human beings don’t always act very human, do they? I like that you try to help people see the darkness so that they can change. I just hope you don’t take up the ways of darkness that forces people to change, or hurts them until they do. Good luck to you, and much love.

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  16. You are absolutely right. Homosexuality is neither a disease or illness nor a state of mind. It is who you are. If I look at it from a spiritual/religious point I shouldn’t ask how can I get rid of but how can I welcome it just like “GOD” taught us. There is always a positive way to look at things. You might not understand what I do but you can learn to accept it. You might not understand why a person would say they are trapped in the wrong body but that’s how they feel so you have to respect that. We are who we are and not being able to embrace and live that is a shame. As long as no one gets harmed what can be wrong about it?

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  17. I can’t remember which movie this was a dialogue in – See what a man can do to another man.

    That effectively sums up the condition of the world in general right now. There are not enough adjectives to describe the extreme apathy, bigotry and small-mindedness at play here. The thing that angers me the MOST about these self-righteous assholes is who gave them the charge of the world? Who the bloody heck are they to sit atop their ivory towers and pass judgment? It’s these people that make religion into the violent, intolerant, holier-than-thou mess that it has become. And it is because of these people that we of the modern world refer to faith and religion and spirituality as three different terms, aren’t these supposed to be mutually inclusive?

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  18. Homophobia, in my personal life, has no place.

    However, if moral clarity is not the only goal, it might be interesting to ask yourself how and why people justify these “correctives.”

    Or, in other words, imagine what happens if morally normal people can and do morally justify anything. 😉

    Thanks for the article and good luck with your unfriending traumas. 😉

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  19. Hi,

    This is the only time I have heard about “corrective rape” and “reparative therapy”. Maybe I’m not online that much and not up to date with what’s going on in the world. It sucks to know these kinds of thing even exist. Surely these people realize that you can’t correct anything by rape, right? Or maybe not. I respect people who decide to go on reparative therapy, if they think that they need it.

    Great perspective, man. Thanks!


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  20. Well LA, it's like falling off a cliff; you're gonna die anyway so you might as well enjoy the ride. I figure that I'm exposed to massive amounts of radiation, away from my family for long periods of time, locked in a tube of a think sheet of aluminum that seperates me from deadly atmohpseric conditions and always one bad checkride away from being fired so at least let me have my once yearly grope from a young lady. You are such a buzzkill;-)


  21. in polite company 😉 You should also avoid snide remarks about less fortunate people. You should reserve those and the eyerolling for the ocassions when somebody says something stupid or denlliosau, like Cort, Arturo and friends usually do…


  22. Bonjour ! J’ai du mal à comprendre ce que vous voulez montrer avec ce rapprochement bien hasardeuxPersonnellement je n’ai que faire d’une nouvelle loi sur le mariage civil (institution complétement dépassée homo ou pas), mais l’augmentation des taxes sur la bière m’interpelle… A la réflexion je serai plutôt partisan d’une suppression des taxes sur la bière et de la création d’une taxe sur les mariages (hétéro ou homo)


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