It takes more than one person to tango, and by tango I mean to crash a plane into a mountain…

SHOCK REVELATION: The Germanwings copilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and “deliberately” crashed the plane into the French Alps:


What a cunt?

Taken off duty for depression related illness for nine months, returned to duty with clean bill of health.. People just say oh, he was sad, but had a good job and friends, what a cunt…

What happened sucks, but lets remember more than one person flew that plane into a mountain okay..

Mental Illness is a serious and potent thing..  That people should be paying attention to it ought be what people take from this…

If indeed recent reports that his ex-girlfriend knew about any of it and failed to report it are true, she ought be charged for being party to it…



11 thoughts on “It takes more than one person to tango, and by tango I mean to crash a plane into a mountain…

  1. The problem is people think mental “illness” is not an illness…so sad. I agree- family should be held accountable. Just like the kid in Newtown- that mom knew he was erratic in behavior- why have guns laying around at his disposal? Ugh- what’s it going to take for people to click that mental illness is biological not made up- and that we need to support treatment and leave the stigma out and quit making people who have mental illness feel like it’s their fault and help them. 😳😒

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    1. It is truly shocking! The whole gun dilemna makes me glad I’m in Australia, but I certainly feel for those that have that to worry about also.. I must confess to being slightly ignorant of the issue, so thank you for adding something to my reading list 😉

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      1. Oh yeah- that Newtown thing here in US was tragic- scares the shit out of me to put my kids in public schools- but I know you can’t shelter kids from the world- so the realist in me realizes the world and people are shitty and for my girls to be tough I need them to be exposed to reality so they can learn to be tough and face the challenges. 💪😎

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  2. Hmmm…. Don’t think the reports of the girlfriend knowing about it we’re true. She >would< have Bern prosecuted if it had been the case – it is, after all, Germany. I'd be lying if I said I still had mixed feelings about this case (I don't). Mentally illness sure is serious but also hard to Diagnose. The same diagnostic tests that determine if the person is ill are pretty much the same that will determine if the person is healed (at least in curable conditions like clinical depression). Anyone who knows firsthand about these tests also knows, it's very hard, near impossible to cheat. And yet, one in a million will manage to cheat and one in a billion might be a pilot. In a world where discrimination is the biggest no-go, it does surprise me when I See people and some of the media insinuating that people who had depression should automatically be excluded from certain jobs. I still feel like this tragedy was unavoidable and caused by the co-pilot alone.

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  3. Thank you for liking my post on “You have a mental illness diagnosis.”

    As a neuro atypical person with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder with psychotic features (a diagnosis that came nearly eleven years to the day after I graduated with a philosophy major) I have found your blog very interesting and greasing old gears of the mind that haven’t been used in some time. I eagerly await future posts and perhaps using the degree that I chose because I was determined to improve the quality of my thought.

    It has been six symptom-free years since my last involuntary hospitalization. I haven’t had debilitating periods of depression, but I have had manic episodes where I have burned through $20,000 in savings in five days.

    Because it is over five years since the last hospitalization, I may legally purchase a handgun–but I wouldn’t dare do it. I wouldn’t risk the danger that I might hurt myself or another in a time of a mental crisis. Nor do I think I should be allowed to have a hundred passengers relying on me to deliver them safely to their destination.

    I am not sure how to interpret your post where you say, “Mental Illness is a serious and potent thing.. That people should be paying attention to it ought be what people take from this…”

    As a mental health advocate, I spend my off-hours trying to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. People with a mental illness are 2.5 times more likely to be the victims of violence than the general population. Stigma prevents people from admitting that they have a problem and getting the care they desperately need.

    In the United States, there is more gun violence perpetrated by neuro typical people than those with a mental illness, but there is not a call to prosecute the family members who knew the perpetrator had a gun, even when there is reasonable cause to believe that family member knew that violence would occur. Spousal testimonial privilege (also called spousal incompetency and spousal immunity) protects the individual holding the privilege from being called to testify by the prosecution against his/her spouse/the defendant. A minority of states apply testimonial privilege in both criminal and civil cases. California, where I live, is one of those states. Combine that with the American’s with Disabilities Act which includes language that prohibits employers from discriminating against an applicant/employee on the basis of mental disability, and you have a recipe disasters such as the Germanwings event.

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