The power of ‘your’ God?

Do you not think that an all-seeing, all-knowing and all-present being that created and will close the book on you and judge your sins really needs you to enforce his arbitrary rules?

Just because one religious view point or one persons interpretation of a supposed sacred handbook differs ought you really think that if ‘your’ God exists you have the right to kill another over ‘your’ interpretation?

I say no, FUCK NO!



13 thoughts on “The power of ‘your’ God?

  1. No religion teaches us to kill innocents just because they don’t believe in it. Killing by the name of religion is unreligious and sinful in itself. Every person should have freedom to live the way he wants to.. Sorry to say but these so called religious criminals are no less than demons..

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  2. Ya I am agreed with ur comment heartly, but this is clearly misthinking about Islam, nobody’s god says to kill somebody okkkkk
    One last……. this is not a mistake of Islam this is a fault of man

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    1. Almost every god demands murder at minimum and genocide at a maximum… Religion is man made, god is man made, all faults with both are by extension man made…


  3. Why are u against religion and god? People have their own beliefs. If you are not willing to have faith, then don’t. Atleast don’t stray away the ones who have faith. God can be anything. It is science for a scientist, art for an artist.


  4. All religions and preachers emphasize to love, care help and share other human beings regardless of color cast or religion. God, Allah, Bhagwan, Raam or what ever name we give to the Creator, created this beautiful world for us to spread happiness and be thankful to Him. No religion teaches to kill——not to kill even and ant. The Prophet Solomon was going in search of water with his army of elephants, soldiers etc. the queen ant heard the thumping of feet of elephants so she asked all the ants to save themselves from being crushed. Soloman had the power to understand languages of all creations hence he heard the queen ant. He was so pleased that the queen is so caring of its ants. so no religion is brutal


  5. Na, da fehlen jetzt aber noch ein paar Jahre, wenn es nicht täuscht. Und mit der Expertise "Neuer Rechter" wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter bei Alfred Sohn-Rethel? Respekt, Respekt! Wer es denn glaubt oder war ASR am Ende seines Lebens schon völlig senil?


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