Religion and the problem of the Criterion…

One person says the criterion of truth is religious tradition as taught by the church, another person says the criterion of truth is the word of God acting upon you as you read the bible…

So which is right?  We have the Roman Catholic criterion and the Protestant criterion…

What is really needed is some criterion to judge between the two, is that not to be looking for exactly what I need?

Viscously circular…

The very thing that I need in order to be able to distinguish between the two is the exact thing I am trying to find.  Haha…

This is the sort of funk that makes me glad I’m an Atheist 😉


11 thoughts on “Religion and the problem of the Criterion…

  1. I agree. I was raised on Southern Baptist standards. Once I became a teenager, I started to see discrepancies in the things I was told, and the things I was actually seeing. As I matured, I was a bit of an agnostic. “Sure, perhaps there is a God, but I don’t know him personally, so oh well.” But after that, I began to realize just how cultish all religions are. So I became (and am not ashamed to admit) that I am an Atheist. Now, all I see of “religion” are the judgments and outright indignities and harm they cause. The bible and other religious texts are nothing more than fairy tales that were ONCE meant to teach us right from wrong, moralities and such. Now they are nothing more than ways to shade the true meaning behind things. And when someone asks me “If you don’t believe in God, then who do you think created you?” And to that I simply say “Well, my mother and father made me of course.” 😉

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  2. For those who study the way, they know that there is no right. Right and wrong only exist in the relative world, not in the absolute world. I am glad you’re an atheist, too. It’s a lot more carefree than being a theist, isn’t it? Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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    1. I’m glad too! I’m not sure I’d say carefree, in fact I consider it harder to let go the way I did when I thought everything was pre-destined by (insert non-specific deity here) lolz

      I know what you mean though..

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