I am utterly sick of hearing people say they are offended by ‘xyz’…

Why should anyone even care about your inability to articulate your internal discomfort into rational discourse!

Taking offense to ‘xyz’ does not logically entail possession of some special privilege to recuse one of their obligation to think…

There is literally no content in the statement…

Grow a set of nuts and develop your skills in argumentation, cast aside your offence and and grow a defence!

Take a position, defend it rationally and logically, abandon if proven wrong…

Difficulty level = 2/10

As Stephen Fry said “You’re offended by that? Well, so fucking what!”

– iDikko

22 thoughts on “Offence…

  1. I agree. Why are people so easily offended by other people’s opinions? I’m afraid if this all keeps up, we will become a world of same-thinking robitrons with not an individual, creative thought amongst the lot of us.

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  2. well the problem is, our opinions and culture are more and more wrapped up in our emotions rather than our reason. so when you “offend” someone, it is like you are stabbing them in the heart, because they are unable to step back and think of it logically and argue.

    people lack a certain amount of objectivity about themselves, to say: “hey, my opinions may be wrong! or at least, may not suit everyone on planet earth!”

    as a people we have gotten to soft, we have gotten to the point where what someone says about us is the worst thing that can happen to us all day. it used to be barbarians coming in from the north and slaughtering everyone, or droughts and famines and plagues…but now that daily life is so easy, we have to get Mad about SOMETHING.

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  3. I thought Facebook eliminated the need for articulate conversation over obscure, misunderstood topics and politics. Clearly if I haven’t clicked “like” and “share” I either A) found your meme drab and insignificant or B) took offense. Either way, the fact that you read my wall every day means you should be able to predict my emotions and thus undoubtedly interpret the fact that I have not comments on any of your posts in the last 2 hours to mean that you have offended me. After all, facial expressions, voice tones, and word choice have so little to do with today’s internet society. People imitate machines so well they don’t really “need” to produce their own rational discourse. So why is articulation important?

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  4. It’s almost always people who have no experience with philosophy – they think it constitutes an argument or something! What I try to do is flip it back on them – “well I’m offended that you’re offended!”. Then they call me a dick, and we go our separate ways πŸ™‚

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